Pioneer Ships First HD Boxes


Pioneer New Media Technologies Inc. is the latest box maker to pump up the
resolution, announcing that it has begun shipping its new "Voyager 3510 HD"
digital set-top box to Time Warner Cable.

The dual processor, high-definition box comes with a slew of features, among
them the ability to render high-definition signals in all 16 Advanced Television
Systems Committee-standard formats, including 720p (progressive) and 1080i

It also gives viewers the ability to change the aspect ratio, plus the
ability to up or downconvert screen resolutions for the best possible

And the box sports several connectors, including the Digital Visual Interface
with High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection controls.

"Cable operators want to offer the most compelling HD tier to gain a distinct
advantage over satellite," said Paul Dempsey, president of the
business-solutions division at Pioneer, in a release.

"The Voyager 3510 HD will ensure that cable operators can offer the most
superior platform, at the most competitive price, guaranteeing a true value for
their customers," he added.

On a related note, Pioneer also joined the list of digital set-top-box makers to sign the Point of Deployment-Host Interface License Agreement (PHILA) with Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

The licensing agreement, signed by 13 other manufacturers, allows Pioneer to develop boxes based on the OpenCable specifications.