Planet Green To Debut Web-Exclusive Series


Planet Green will stream six Web-exclusive short-form series on its site, beginning Oct. 26.
The first of the multi-episode series to debut on the site will be 100 Places To Remember Before They Disappear, which explores destinations identified in United Nations Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change study that are either in danger of disappearing or have been impacted by climate change or other factors.
Other series to appear on the site include Organic A to Z, a organic food cooking show featuring chef Gregory Schaefer; Bea Wildered, an animated series about a 30-something female who slowly learns the virtues of living a green life; My Place, another animated series that follows the daily struggles of a woman trying to be more eco-conscious in an often non eco-friendly environment; Fast Forward, which profiles individuals trying to make the world better through their actions; and City Shorts, which looks at how the world's largest urban centers are revolutionizing the lives of their constituents though environmentally-friendly initiatives.
Overall, these series will provide visitors with more than 100 one-minute episodes through first quarter of 2010, according to the network.