Ensequence delivers more interactive TV platforms to more viewers than any other interactive television company.

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  • Blu-ray. The industry standard for high-definition DVDs.

Ensequence is the leader in EBIF software and services.

Ensequence is the only company that can develop and deploy your interactive television experiences across every cable environment in the United States. We have the expertise to take advantage of the full capabilities of each platform in order to create the most advanced interactive television experiences possible.

What is EBIF?

The CableLabs Enhanced Binary Interchange Format standard, abbreviated as EBIF (also referred to as ETV-BIF and ETV), was developed so that interactive television experiences can reach the millions of existing set-top boxes already in subscribers’ homes. The EBIF specification uses a “thin-client” methodology, which requires minimal resources in the broadcast bandwidth stream and the set-top box. Although interactive TV experiences developed for EBIF use a small amount of memory on the set-top box, they can deliver surprisingly robust interactive TV functionality.


Simply put, audience reach. EBIF is capable of running on all digital set-top boxes including the lowest-end set-top boxes. It enables television programmers and advertisers to deliver interactive television experiences to widest possible audience. Although tru2way (formerly called OCAP) provides a long-term promise for a rich, two-way set-top box platform, it will take years to swap out the installed base of set-top boxes with new, high powered boxes capable of running tru2way. In the interim, only EBIF holds the promise of standardizing interactive television experiences across cable distributors and reaching the wide variety of set-top boxes in consumers’ homes.

What kind of interactive experiences can EBIF applications provide?

Interactive TV experiences developed for EBIF can take many forms, from simple banner overlays that encourage the viewer to press “select” on their remote control for more information, to largescale 24/7 shopping channels that allow viewers to make purchases via their TV remote.

How can Ensequence help?

Only Ensequence has the expertise required to create, deploy, manage and measure your interactive television experiences across every EBIF platform. Ensequence understands the complexities of the industry, including legacy set-top box systems, MSO user agents with differing capabilities, complex head-end and delivery systems, metrics gathering requirements, and more. And we constantly stay abreast of evolving industry standards.

Powerful software.

With our EBIF expertise, you can develop and deploy a high volume of interactive TV experiences quickly and affordably. Our industry-leading software gives you the ability to create, distribute and measure the results of your interactive TV content. It combines technical power with a highly visual and easy to use environment and gives you the flexibility to build and deploy a wide range of interactive TV experiences—from the simplest to the most advanced.

Award-winning Creative Services.

We’ll guide you through the breadth of interactive television possibilities and help you determine the most effective and creative ways to engage viewers. Our team can manage any step of the process. We can produce the experience, manage the deployment, and integrate seamlessly with your existing billing, transactional and fulfillment systems. We fully test each interactive television experience before it goes to air and we provide world-class support around the clock.