`Playhouse Disney' May Go VOD


ABC Cable Networks Group is re-evaluating its plan to spin off its preschool "Playhouse Disney" block into a 24-hour stand-alone channel, officials said.

ABC Cable, part of The Walt Disney Co., at one point had been slated to launch Playhouse Disney by the end of this year. But those plans have now been delayed indefinitely.

"As I've watched VOD [video-on-demand] and SVOD [subscription VOD] start to perk, I've pulled back on the plans [to launch a Playhouse Disney network], and I'm now asking the question: What is the best kind of platform to launch an expanded Playhouse?" ABC Cable president Anne Sweeney said.

"Is it still a digital channel, or is it a SVOD or VOD strategy? So that's something we're looking at," she added.