PlayOn Gets More Chromecast-Like

Launches PlayCast Channel For Roku Devices

Comparing itself to the Chromecast, the new Google dongle that lets users ship Web video from a browser to the TV screen, MediaMall Technologies has launched a PlayCast channel on the Roku channel store.

MediaMall, maker of PlayOn-branded PC-to-TV media server software, said PlayCast gives Roku users the “Chromecast-like ability” to send over-the-top video to a Roku-connected TV from a broad range of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

"PlayCast is the last piece of the puzzle needed to give Roku devices functionality comparable to Chromecast," MediaMall CEO Jeff Lawrence said, in a statement. "With PlayOn and PlayCast, Roku users can now watch nearly any online video on their TV. Even YouTube videos can be cast to the TV with PlayCast."

MediaMall announced plans for PlayCast in September, claiming the new platform would expand the number of “channels” that could be supported by the Google Chromecast to more than 60. However, support for PlayCast for the Google dongle is dependent on the release of the official Chromecast software development kit.

Following recent support for Pandora, Google has also developed Chromecast integrations for Hulu Plus, YouTube, Netflix, Google Play and the Chrome browser. HBO is also working on a way to bring HBO Go to the device.

As for MediaMall, it sells PlayOn in monthly, annual and lifetime subscription packages. As part of a fall promotion, it’s pitching a lifetime subscription to PlayOn for $59.99, down from the regular $89.99.