PlayStation Vue Offers Big 4 Broadcast TV Feeds in All O&O Markets

Last remaining owned-and-operated locals TV stations went live Wednesday (Updated)
Playstation Vue Philly.jpg

Sony confirmed that PlayStation Vue now offers the local feeds of ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC in all of their respective owned-and-operated markets, a move that will help to boost the value of the over-the-top pay TV service.

Sony said it began to light up those local feeds in waves after the recent national launch of its new set of “Slim” packages, and that the remaining O&O stations went live on Wednesday (May 25). PS Vue customers in those markets will have access to both live and VOD content from the O&Os.

Sony’s national PS Vue’s Slim packages, an offering launched in mid-March, includes dozens of live cable channels, plus next-day access to shows from major broadcast TV networks, as well as access to the service’s cloud DVR. At the time, Sony said it planned to offer CBS live and VOD programming at a later date.

UPDATE: Currently, live and on-demand access to CBS is offered by PS Vue in the programmer's O&O markets, which include Baltimore (CBS 13); Boston (CBS 4); Chicago (CBS 2); Dallas (CBS 11); Denver (CBS 4); Detroit (CBS 62);  Los Angeles (CBS 2);  Miami (CBS 4);  Minneapolis (CBS 4); New York (CBS 2); Philadelphia (CBS 3);  Pittsburgh (CBS 2);  Sacramento (CBS 13); and San Francisco (CBS 5).

By network, here are the other O&Os on PS Vue:

ABC: Chicago (ABC 7); Fresno (ABC 30); Houston (ABC 13);  Los Angeles (ABC 7); New York (ABC 7); Philadelphia (ABC 6); Raleigh Durham (ABC 11);  San Francisco (ABC 7).

Fox: Atlanta (FOX 5);  Austin (FOX 7); Charlotte (FOX 46); Chicago (FOX 32);  Dallas (FOX 4);  Detroit (FOX 2); Gainesville (FOX 51);  Houston (FOX 26); Los Angeles (FOX 11);  Miami (FOX  7);  Minneapolis (FOX 9); New York (FOX 5);  Orlando (FOX 35); Philadelphia (FOX 29); Phoenix (FOX 10);  San Francisco (FOX 2); Tampa (FOX 13); Washington, D.C. (FOX 5).

NBC:  Chicago (NBC 5);  Dallas (NBC 5); Detroit (NBC 4);  Hartford/New Haven (NBC CT); Houston (KPRC 2); Los Angeles (NBC 4);  Miami (NBC 6 ); New York (NBC 4); Philadelphia (NBC 10); San Diego (NBC 7); San Francisco (NBC 11); Washington, DC (NBC 4). 

The challenge ahead for PS Vue is to work on carriage deals with the various TV station groups. Sony said it will “continue to work on adding more local stations nationwide.”

Negotiating for and establishing a national service that includes the local broadcast TV feeds has reportedly stymied Apple’s plan to develop a slimmed-down pay TV service.  Sling TV, Dish Network’s OTT-TV service, has some limited access to local TV feeds, offering ABC in the O&O markets via a $5 add-on tier that also includes Univision and UniMás, and a new multi-stream tier it's testing that includes the Fox broadcast network (again, in the Fox owned-and-operated station markets).

PS Vue also offers some programming nationally on an a la carte basis, including Showtime’s OTT service, Fox Soccer Plus, a new premium channel from Machinima, and a Premium Pack that includes Showtime and Epix Hits, a new channel that’s paired with a VOD library.

PS Vue currently supports the PlayStation 3, PS4, Amazon Fire TV box and Fire TV Stick, an app for iPads and iPhones, and  the Google Chromecast adapter (via iOS devices).