Pluto TV Lands Apple TV App

Linear-Style OTT Service Has Roku on Deck
Pluto TV-apple TV 400x300.jpg

Pluto TV, the linear-style OTT video service, has launched an app for the new Apple TV alongside the addition of several new content partners.

The service, which delivers more than 100 channels, said it has scored content deals with NBC News, Paramount, Sky News, CNET Reuters, Legendary Digital and Associated Press, and will be using that content to create new curated channels.

Pluto TV currently offers a set of channel types, including direct live streams from Sky News and Bloomberg, curated streams featuring parners such as CNET and World Poker Tournament, and Pluto-owned and operated channels such as News 24/7, After School Cartoons and Surf Channel.

On the device front, Pluto TV has also submitted a Roku app that’s awaiting approval, and is updating its interface on the Amazon Fire TV and Android TV platforms. The service also supports Web browsers, iOS and Android devices, and has been optimized for the Google Chromecast streaming adapter.