PLYMedia Partners With Video Internet Platforms To Provide Live Captioning

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Enhanced video solutions provider, PLYmedia has partnered with a number of Internet platforms to offer live captioning services for their customers' videos.

PLYedia has scored deals with Ustream and Livestream, both of which launched the service on Nov. 21, as well as Ooyala, Brightcove, Kaltura, KIT digital and Kyte

PLYmedia, through its suite of SubPLY services, using Ustreams's platform, provided live captioning at the TechCrunch's RealTime CrunchUp event in San Francisco on Friday.

In addition to live captioning the event, PLYmedia also demoed several services that complement its new product, notably: automatic translation into multiple languages; transcript generation - to increase natural search rankings for when the video content is archived; social media integration with Twitter and other networks for fast content distribution and real-time search; and automatic real-time keyword tag generation to facilitate video browsing.

"We're very excited to be partnering with each of these companies, especially insofar as we are able to help them reach new audiences and increase the video viewing times of those audiences," said Yoni Silberberg, co-founder and head of business development at PLYmedia, in a statement. "Our goal is always to benefit both viewers and our partners by increasing accessibility and engagement in online video and I believe we are continuing to accomplish these ends in all of our recent partnerships."

Noted Livestream CEO Max Haot: "We're thrilled to now be offering live video captioning service in multiple languages to our customers. Not only will it make their live stream events more accessible and searchable - but the real innovation is to allow Twitter and Facebook users to follow the conversation through the text updates and dip in and out of the stream based on their interests in the current conversation."