Political Ads Reached Record Total In October


The advertising blitz of the midterm elections is over as Americans witnessed a record number of political ads.
According to Nielsen data, U.S. TV viewers faced some 1.48 million political ads in October, up almost 5% from the 1.41 million that aired during October 2008, in the midst of the Obama-McCain battle for the presidency.
Nielsen said last month's total marked the largest total of political messages in what is historically the busiest month for same.
Those living in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio had to endure the most political messaging, with 29,689 and 24,693 spots in those DMAs, respectively. Those totals accounted for 23.44% of the 126,656 messages that ran in Cleveland and 23.37% of the commercials that aired in Columbus last month.

The following is a listing of the highest saturation of political advertising by market from Oct. 1- Oct. 31.

1 Cleveland, OH 29,689 126,656 23.44%
2 Columbus, OH 24,693 105,651 23.37%
3 Portland, OR 25,527 117,208 21.78%
4 Sacramento, CA 26,965 127,318 21.18%
5 Seattle, WA 26,071 133,874 19.47%
6 Champaign-Springfield, IL 14,662 77,264 18.98%
7 Reno, NV 18,364 98,414 18.66%
8 Denver, CO 24,302 130,255 18.66%
9 Orlando, FL 22,517 122,417 18.39%
10 West Palm Beach, FL 18,546 101,126 18.34%
Source: The Nielsen Company
* - Includes all TV ads placed on local broadcast TV outlets within the given market by groups characterized as political and professional organizations
** - Includes all national and local paid ads aired on TV stations monitored by Nielsen in the given market; excludes promos and PSAs
Note: results may be impacted by the number of broadcast viewing sources captured by Nielsen in each local market.