Poll: Majority Call President Reckless, Unstable

Most Democrats say media fabricates stories about Hillary Clinton

Only a third of all those polled for a new Morning Consult/Politico poll said President Donald Trump is stable (33%), while a majority said he is reckless (56%) and thin-skinned (52%).

And while Trump and Republicans have most prominently been critical of the mainstream media, 43% of Democrats think the news media "fabricates" stories about Hillary Clinton vs. 34% who think it doesn't.

The poll was of 1,988 registered voters surveyed Oct. 19-23.

Only 35% said the President is honest, and just 33% said he is compassionate.

Nonetheless, his approval rating remains steady at 42% approve, 53% disapprove, which is basically unchanged since late August, according to the researchers.

Only 20% say Trump is responsible for the current state of healthcare, with 67% saying Barack Obama is responsible.