Positive for Success


Roger Werner is currently the senior VP of sales for Time Warner Cable Media Sales. He has held that position since November 2005. Prior to that he served as VP of national sales for the MSO, where he developed and oversaw the entire national sales effort. He has also served as regional vice president overseeing advertising sales operations in eight Time Warner Cable markets in the Midwest Region and as vice president advertising sales in Minneapolis, Minn. He joined Time Warner Cable in 1992 as GM for The Interconnect of the Twin Cities and Time Warner Cable Sales. Werner spoke to Local Ad Sales about the 2008 presidential campaign and the challenges facing Time Warner Cable Media Sales. An edited transcript follows:

Q: How the political season turning out so far and what is your expectation?

A: The contest between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has created revenue opportunities in states that had not been “influencers” in the primaries in prior years.

Q: Aside from political dollars, what does 2008 look like for local ad sales?

A: External issues will create challenges all year long.

[During Time Warner Cable’s first-quarter conference call, chief financial officer Rob Martin said Time Warner Cable expects softness in the ad sales market will continue throughout the first half of the year but predicted growth to accelerate in the second half of the year as the November election approaches.]

Q: Is the threat of a recession and poor sales for auto manufacturers affecting your sales?

A: Any negative economic factor has the potential to impact advertising expenditures.

[Time Warner Cable has already seen pockets of the country that are suffering from the economic downturn and noted that ad sales categories including auto, furniture and financial services are down from the previous year, Martin said during the conference call.]

Q: What are your biggest opportunities going forward?

A: Political advertising should be strong.

Q: What challenges do you face?

A: External economic factors and the impact on consumer confidence.

Q: What is the best advice you offer AEs?

A: Stay positive and don’t let the headlines get in the way of your success.

Q: Any great sales ideas you'd like to share?

A: I never give away good sales ideas.