Positively Bobbleheaded


Cable Positive, the cable industry's AIDS-action organization, has joined the
bobblehead craze.

The organization announced Monday that it and October Strategies Inc. are
creating a limited-edition bobblehead figure in the form of a well-known
industry leader.

"The bobblehead is an ideal way to commemorate the personalities who work
within the cable industry," said Lela Cocoros, co-founder and partner of October
Strategies and former board president of Cable Positive.

"Besides, who wouldn't want a little springy-headed version of one of cable's
leading characters on their desk?" she added.

Only 300 figures will be created, and they will available for sale on a
first-come, first-served basis at the Cable Positive booth at the National Show
in Chicago (June 8 through 11).

The figures will cost $75 apiece, and proceeds from the sale of each figure
will benefit Cable Positive.