Post-Merger Comcast Team Named


Comcast Corp. has offered up a peek at the combined AT&T Comcast Corp.
cable operation's corporate structure as the merger heads toward finalization at
the end of the year.

The Philadelphia-based MSO has announced the senior management team for the
merged company. At the top, Steve Burke, now Comcast Cable Communications Inc.'s
president, will be in charge.

'Steve has done an outstanding job leading Comcast Cable,' Comcast Corp.
president Brian Roberts said in a release. 'Steve is the perfect person to
manage the integration process and help build the combined company in the

Burke will oversee six operational divisions -- Eastern, Atlantic, Southern,
Midwestern, Mountain and Western. The divisions, in turn, will oversee 26 cable

Some 32 executives have been named to posts within the clusters and
divisions. Of those positions, it is an even split, with 16 coming from Comcast
and 16 from AT&T Broadband.

All of the appointments are subject to the merger closing sometime in the
fourth quarter.

Mike Doyle will be president of the Eastern division, which includes
Boston/Hartford, Conn.; Philadelphia; western Pennsylvania/Delaware; north New
Jersey/Connecticut; and south Jersey.

The Atlantic division will be led by Steve Burch, who will oversee the
Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; Pittsburgh; and Miami systems.

John Ridall has been tapped as president of the Southern division, including
Atlanta; Jacksonville, Fla.; west Florida/Tennessee; and other Southern

The Midwestern division goes to Dave Scott, who will administer Chicago;
Minneapolis/west Michigan; Detroit; and Indiana/Kansas City.

Trey Smith will become president of the Mountain division, consisting of
Denver; Dallas; Salt Lake City; Seattle; Portland, Ore.; and New

For the Western division, Joe Fischer will oversee central California, San
Francisco and Los Angeles.