Post-Newsweek Offers Free Campaign-Ad Airtime

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Washington -- Broadcast-TV group Post-Newsweek Stations
will  make free airtime and free Web
opportunities available to candidates on its six TV stations in the 30 days
before the 2010 general elections.

Also as part of its political coverage of the elections, it
has pledged to devote at least 10 minutes per day per station to locally
produced political coverage. In addition, it will feature various political
features on-air and online which could include allowing viewers to ask
questions directly of candidates on-air or online, arming voters with cameras
to take into their neighborhoods to document local issues, and fact-checking
features for political ad claims.

According to the company, it will look for chances to air
debates and town hall meetings in "key" time periods, put candidate biographies,
political blogs and election-related online videos on "high-profile"
election sections of its Web sites, and give get-out-the-vote public service
announcements prioirity among its PSAs.

In the 2008 elections, according to the company, 150
candidates took advantage of its free airtime offerings.

Post-Newsweek Stations are WDIV, Detroit; KPRC, Houston;
WPLG, Miami; WKMG, Orlando; KSAT, San Antonio; and WJXT, Jacksonville.