President Bestows Highest Civilian Honor To Tom Brokaw

John Dingell, Marlo Thomas Also Among Honorees
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Anchor Tom Brokaw, Rep. John Dingell and actress and activist Marlo Thomas all received Presidential Medals of Freedom Monday (Nov. 24) at a White House ceremony presided over by the current holder of that "presidential" title.

President Barack Obama cited Dingell for his record-breaking years of service to the country and the goals of civil rights and affordable healthcare among many others.

The President said Brokaw had been welcomed into America's homes, including his, which had trusted him to "tell us what we needed to know and to ask questions that needed asking." He said he knew from personal experience because he had been on "the receiving end" of some of those questions. Brokaw stood ramrod straight and smiling as President Obama put the medal around his neck. That was appropriate posture given that he was also being saluted for his Greatest Generation "book that helped focus on those who helped win World War II. Many of you know him as the chronicler of the greatest generation, today we honor him as one of our greatest journalists."

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