President’s Award Winner: Char Beales


Char Beales

President and CEO, Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing

Char Beales is President and CEO of the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, a non-profit, non-commercial cable marketing society. The group is dedicated to advancing consumer and business-to-business marketing excellence, facilitating collaborative marketing initiatives, and encouraging the mastery of new technology-based products.

Additionally, the association provides marketing education, information and networking opportunities to its more than 5,500 members. Further benefits include conferences, consumer research, publications,, a network of regional chapters, and the CTAM Educational Foundation’s CTAM Executive Management Program at the Harvard Business School.

Over the course of her cable career, which began at the National Cable Television Association in 1980, Beales has come to personify integrated marketing and communications for the cable industry through her commitment to unity between the two disciplines.

Her track record in successfully bringing cable marketers and public affairs executives together started with her work in support of the On-Time Guarantee 10 years ago, the first industry-wide initiative of its kind.

Today, Beales leads CTAM in a concerted push to help the cable business grow by helping consumers understand the benefits of cable through national initiatives such as OnlyCableCan, which brings together top cable companies in a variety of integrated consumer marketing and awareness efforts.

The campaign has now seen two incarnations — “I Can, Can You?” and “Cable is Better Than …” — and includes to provide consumer information and direct leads to cable systems via Cable Television Laboratories Inc.’s Go 2 Broadband Service Locator.

Beales worked on behalf of the PR discipline to help marketers understand the communications needs behind the OnlyCableCan initiative. The success of her efforts paved the way for the CTAM On Demand Consortium’s rollout of a major public relations initiative, which targeted the consumer media particularly in the lifestyle and entertainment arenas. Various accomplishments include editorial meetings at the Consumer Electronics Show and media coverage in highly visible outlets such as Parents and Shape magazines and local market TV, radio and newspapers. In total, the effort generated 58.2 million media impressions in 2004.

As it turned out, the PR presence on the consortium was so strong that it grew into the Consumer PR for Advanced Products Committee in 2005. This new CTAM group will bolster the strategic development and tactical implementation of an integrated communications plan, targeting business, general consumer, lifestyle and entertainment media in support of the OnlyCableCan messaging on HDTV, On Demand, digital video recorder, high-speed Internet and cable phone services.

Furthermore, Beales has been instrumental in CTAM’s efforts to assist cable executives in getting the most out of their marketing, communications and ad sales dollars by conducting conference sessions on the topic. Ultimately CTAM produced two one-day seminars in 2003 and 2004.

Consistently, Beales has supported industry public affairs by spearheading projects that prove the value of partnerships between communications and marketing and by maintaining a keen commitment to CTPAA. Her enthusiasm for CTPAA is demonstrated by her strong advocacy of cable public affairs, her staff members’ involvement in CTPAA leadership, and her participation at CTPAA meetings and events. She exemplifies the unique support cable’s industry organizations lend each other, serving on several boards, including The Cable Center, the Cable & Telecommunications Human Resources Association and Cable Positive’s Honorary Chairs.