Pressplay Debuts Tiered Subscription Model


The music industry's second post-Napster
service, Pressplay, debuted
Wednesday, offering consumers a four-tiered pricing structure.

Backed by Sony Corp. and Vivendi Universal, Pressplay offers users four
monthly plans: 'Basic' for $9.95, 300 streams and 30 downloads; 'Silver' for
$14.95, 500 streams, 50 downloads and 10 CD burns; 'Gold' for $19.95, 750
streams, 75 downloads and 15 burns; and 'Platinum: for $24.95, 1,000 streams,
100 downloads and 20 burns.

Pressplay differs from MusicNet in
that it allows consumers to burn permanent copies of certain songs onto CD

AOL Time Warner Inc., EMI Group, Bertelsmann AG and RealNetworks Inc. back

Neither group has signed licensing deals with the record labels of the
opposing group, although music analysts expect that to happen in time.

Pressplay will be available through MSN Music, Roxio Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. The company will use Microsoft
Corp.'s 'Windows Media Player' as its default media player.

Pressplay will also offer consumers a 14-day free trial of 200 streams and 20