PrimeTime 24 Seeks to Clarify Order

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New York -- PrimeTime 24 filed a motion late last month
seeking clarification on a recommendation by a U.S. District Court in Florida that would
restrict satellite delivery of CBS and Fox network signals.

According to PrimeTime 24 president and CEO Tom Casey, the
company has requested a hearing prior to any implementation of the proposed injunction
against satellite delivery of the network signals to served households.

PrimeTime 24 also filed a response to the court late last
month, which sought recommended dollar figures for a bond that CBS and Fox would be
required to set aside. The bond would be used to compensate PrimeTime 24 if it ultimately
wins the case but suffers economic losses due to the injunction.

Casey said PrimeTime 24 is keeping its distributors --
which include DirecTv Inc. and EchoStar Communications Corp. -- abreast of any
developments. Until there is a specific order from the court detailing terms of the
injunction, however, he could only speculate as to how the distributors would be required
to handle dealings with customers for the distant-network packages.

It is possible that some current PrimeTime 24 customers
would have their CBS and Fox feeds cut off.

The Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association
was in meetings with its member companies last week, and it is waiting to see what appears
in the court's final order. A spokeswoman said the SBCA has "tremendous
concerns" with any arbitrary system implemented to determine served versus unserved
homes, because the companies involved would need time to upgrade to new software in order
to track such determinations.