Prize for Discovery Times Piece


A Discovery Times Channel reporter won a $10,000 prize for a documentary about a fundamentalist group similar to the Taliban that is gaining influence in Pakistan.

Sharmeen Obaid, 27, won a “Livingston Award” (international reporting) for one-hour documentary Reinventing the Taliban, about Pakistani group MMA.

She was one of three winners of the awards, which are limited to journalists younger than 35 and are the largest all-media, general-reporting cash prizes in the country.

Other winners, for 2004 work, were (local reporting) Pauline Arrillaga, 34, of AP, for “Doors to Death,” about the illegal smuggling of human beings and a deadly tractor-trailer run in Texas; and (national reporting) Reese Dunklin, 31, of The Dallas Morning News, for "Runaway Priests: Hiding in Plain Sight," a series about priests who leave allegations and charges of sexual abuse for new parishes in other countries.

Ken Auletta of The New Yorker, Tom Brokaw of NBC News and Ellen Goodman of The Boston Globe were among the judges.The Mollie Parnis Livingston Foundation sponsors the prizes.