Probe Helps Spur 'Boot Camp'


Issues raised by Cablevision Systems Corp.'s investigation into alleged accounting improprieties were not lost on Promax & BDA, an organization for TV promotion and marketing professionals.

The trade group recently decided to finally go forward with a long-discussed plan to offer a day-long "business boot camp" for its members next summer, as an adjunct to its annual conference.

Promax has been talking about offering business training for some time, but "after the Cablevision situation, we realized, 'You know what, we have to kick this off now,' " said Promax board member Lee Hunt, a consultant and veteran of MTV: Music Television.

"It's just the reality in the last five years, with the cascade of change in the television industry, that everybody is accountable for everything, no matter what level," Hunt said. "The other reality is 'creatives' have moved up the corporate ladder. They've become corporate officers, and they have a responsibility and they do have accountability. And unfortunately, most of us are just trained on the job.

"So it's learned by doing and perhaps, in the case of Cablevision, you learn by your mistakes."

Hunt called the business boot camp "an opportunity for Promax to be proactive and help people understand exactly what their responsibilities are."