Programmers Turn to Facebook to Launch Series, New Initiatives

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Facebook's ubiquity has led to partnerships with both Time Warner Inc. and BBC Worldwide.

Time Warner Inc. and Facebook will launch a cross-platform campaign to raise awareness against bullying in an effort called "Stop Bullying: Speak Up." The multi-media campaign, first launched by Time Warner's Cartoon Network, will include broadcast, print, online and social media efforts that invite parents, teachers and youth to "speak up" against bullying. This initiative builds on last year's campaign helmed by CNN, Cartoon Network and Time Inc., which included CNN's Bullying: No Escape, an AC 360 special report with People and Cartoon Network, hosted by Anderson Cooper.

For its part, BBC Worldwide also announced its own partnership with the social media network to bring digitally remastered Doctor Who stories to the site. Using Facebook credits, visitors to the official Doctor Who page can stream a selection of nine stories, each containing several episodes. The content, exclusive to Facebook, will be available for streaming for 48 hours once rented.

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