Promo Corner


OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD: American Movie Classics
primetime host Bob Dorian landed a role in the latest Madison Square Garden production of The
Wizard of Oz
as Uncle Henry, The Winkie General and understudy to the wizard. AMC has
pounced on the promotional opportunities provided by this, including receptions for cable
operators in cities on the play's tour; print and radio ads for AMC; and putting a
stand-up of Dorian in the lobby of each theater, with a message describing which cable
systems carry the network and what channel it can be found on. Dorian also introduces the
play and does a meet-and-greet in the lobby after the show. The promotion is a synergistic
one: AMC and MSG are both part of Cablevision Systems Corp. divisions ... ATTENTION,
Cinemax is sending a "Fan Van" to some 30 cities around the
country to film on-air spots with movie fans talking about their favorite films and
scenes. The man-on-the-street approach is part of Cinemax's marketing shift to focus
on what fans want. The Fan Van spots will be customized for local affiliates ... KID-FRIENDLY:
Disney Channel is beating the drums for its kids' series, Bear in the Big Blue
, which debuts its new season just in time for cable's "Tune In to Kids
and Family Week II" this week ... SIZE MATTERS: Showtime boasts that it has
"the world's longest advertisement," wrapped around New York's Port
Authority Bus Terminal on Eighth Avenue and 42nd St. The 10,350-square-foot ad is part of
the premium network's $40 million "No Limits" brand campaign ... FINALLY,
Animal Planet celebrated its recent launch on Time
Warner Cable's South Bay, Calif., system by hosting a "Breakfast of
Champions," featuring Baby, the rosy boa constrictor ... TAPPING THE WEB:
International Channel has redesigned its Web site to include program listings for various
channels, online support for satellite users and a survey that will capture data about
viewer's ethnic backgrounds, languages spoken and program preferences.