Protest Planned for Comcast Shareholder Meeting

Consumers Union, Others To Oppose TWC Deal

According to Consumers union, a group of organizations and local residents plan to protest the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger by staging a "people's vote" outside the Comcast shareholder meeting in Philadelphia on May 21, complete with signs, balloons and ballot boxes.

That vote on whether the government should approve the merger won't be hard to predict. Consumers Union says 400,000 signatures have been gathered on a petition opposing the merger.

"If approved, the merger would create a cable TV and Internet giant with unprecedented power and consumers can expect higher prices, fewer choices, and even worse customer service," said Consumers Union in announcing the protest, which is planned for 10 a.m.

Comcast has argued that the merger is necessary so it will have the scale to better compete with national content distributors including satelite operators and online providers and that the deal will result in better service and no reduction in competition.