Protesters Crash Pai Press Conference

Pro Title II Activists Brand Commissioner a 'Mouthpiece'

Pro-title II activists were escorted from a press conference at the Federal Communications Commission being given by anti-Title II commissioner Ajit Pai Tuesday morning (Feb. 10) after they crashed the event in an attempt to hold up a banner reading “85% of Republican Voters Support Net Neutrality.”

That banner was a reference to a pol cited last fall by The Washington Post.

Pai waited while security personnel removed the protesters, then commented that he wanted them to be able to see the FCC's order, too.

At the press conference, Pai criticized the order, as well as the chairman's decision not to make it public before the Feb. 26 vote on reclassifying Internet access as a common-carrier service.

According to the publicist for and Fight for the Future, which organized the protest, Dr. Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese were the protestors heard saying "“Commissioner Pai, don't you see Republicans love net neutrality? Stop being a mouthpiece for the telecoms..."

Those are the same groups behind the Occupy the FCC protest before the FCC's vote on chairman Tom Wheeler's initial proposal to restore network-neutrality rules thrown out by the court -- which did not use Title II authority, and a subsequent protest in front of Wheeler's house.