PSA Featuring First Lady Seeks Disaster Funds, Volunteers

Comes amid ongoing criticism of federal response in Puerto Rico

First Lady Melania Trump is featured in a disaster relief public service announcement produced in cooperation with FEMA and being promoted by the White House.

The President has been criticized for the federal response to the hurricane-related disaster in Puerto Rico and for suggesting the government help would not go on indefinitely.

In the PSA, which the White House published on YouTube Tuesday (Oct. 17), the First Lady simply asks viewers to donate to the organization of their choice and volunteer to help out in the wake of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, a recovery the White House says will take "months and years."

“[W]e have certainly seen the unforgiving side of Mother Nature these past few weeks, and my thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families so deeply affected by the hurricanes," she said in a statement about the PSA. "I will continue to lend my voice, time, and resources to help those in need."