PTC Pushes Public to Complain to FCC About Indecency Policy

Says FCC Should Not Focus Only On Egregious Cases

The Parents Television Council has declared May 6-10 "#NoIndecencyFCC Week," and is encouraging the public to file comments at the FCC about the proposal to focus on egregious indecency cases as well as to tweet their displeasure.

PTC opposes what it sees as the effort to limit indecency complaints by the commission.

Last fall, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski signaled that the commission would only pursue "egregious" indecency complaints, a course change from the "fleeting" indecency pursuit that seemed to occupy much of the FCC's attention under previous chairman Kevin Martin.

The FCC put out a public notice in late March detailing the reduction in the indecency complaint backlog, talking about the enforcement bureau's new marching orders, and seeking comment on whether that "egregious" standard should be adopted as the FCC's new approach post-FCC v. Fox. 

The FCC's online docket collecting comments on the "egregious" approach already boasts over 90,000 comments, most a few sentences opposing the move.