Puerto Rico's Onelink Launches Interactive TV Ads With FourthWall


Interactive TV developer FourthWall Media is touting what it calls the first commercial deployment of an interactive advertising system that uses EBIF, by Onelink's San Juan cable system in Puerto Rico.

The MSO has deployed FourthWall's Ad Widgets advertising system across its digital subscriber base, to Scientific Atlanta set-top boxes in 100,000 homes in the San Juan system. Onelink previously deployed FourthWall's EBIF platform to support a collection of TV Widgets.

Using the Ad Widgets system, advertisers can add interactive on-screen prompts with their ads to request more information, press "click-to-call" for immediate merchant contact or provide other features.

In addition, FourthWall has signed an agreement with Axesa Servicios de Informacion, a provider of yellow pages and local search services, to launch interactive advertising via FourthWall's "Yellow Pages on TV" application running in Onelink's San Juan system. Axesa will not only provide listings data, but will sell interactive advertising to local businesses on its online Yellow Pages directory, SuperPagesPR.com.

Onelink viewers will be able to access Yellow Pages on TV with their regular digital cable remote. Clicking on a banner ad will bring viewers to a micro-site where they can get more information about the company, product or service, and choose to be contacted by the company. Viewers will also have the ability to connect directly with the advertiser via phone using the "click-to-call" feature.

Onelink CEO Ron Dorchester said the interactive advertising platform will present two new revenue opportunities: by letting the MSO promote its own services to customers using their avails and by giving advertisers the ability to run interactive 30-second spots. The capability "gives cable a huge advantage over alternative forms of promotion," Dorchester said in a statement.

FourthWall also is delivering a video-on-demand telescoping application, which will allow Onelink to market its own VOD programming in a 30-second spot. Subscribers can start a movie or TV program by clicking on the interactive prompt displayed in the commercial. The telescoping feature can also be made available to advertisers to drive viewers to long-form video advertising.

Separately, Strategy & Technology (S&T), a provider of interactive TV playout systems and middleware, plans to show how its TSMonitor is integrated with FourthWall's EBIF User Agent and application development environment at the 2010 Cable Show in Los Angeles, May 11-13.

FourthWall, based in Plano, Texas, changed its name from BIAP last year.