Q Inks Deal with Rasenberger


Q Television Network said Thursday that it has inked a contract with Rasenberger Media.

Rasenberger Media, headed by 25-year cable-industry veteran Catherine Rasenberger, will “advise and counsel Q Television on all aspects of the U.S. cable and satellite industry,” the network said.

The consulting company has worked on the launches of networks including Trio, Newsworld International, Sorpresa, TV One and The Anime Network.

Prior to founding the company, Catherine Rasenberger was senior vice president of affiliate sales and marketing at Food Network.

"I strongly believe that the gay and lesbian community is the last major underserved market in U.S. television," Catherine Rasenberger said in a prepared statement.

"Q Television is extremely well positioned to serve this audience,” she added. “I am pleased to join their team and excited about the prospect of launching Q on cable and DBS [direct-broadcast satellite] throughout the U.S."