QTN Returning to Subscription Model

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After undergoing a management upheaval, Q Television Network, which targets the gay and lesbian community, is trying to focus back to its roots as a subscription cable network, QTN’s new president said Wednesday.

Carol Hinnant, who was promoted earlier this week to the president’s slot from vice president of sales and marketing, said QTN strayed from its mandate by getting involved in a studio and the TV-production business. The network’s mission had been to be a subscription service that was a hybrid, in that it also sells eights minutes of ad time per hour.

“It just kind of got off-track,” she said. “We want to be a successful cable network, not a production studio.”

QTN is a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly held Triangle Multi-Media Ltd. Earlier this month, Lloyd Fan entered into an agreement to purchase the 53% stake in Triangle that QTN’s old management team had. Fan took over the role of chairman, replacing QTN founder Frank Olsen. In addition, all officers and directors of QTN and its parent resigned their posts.

Fan subsequently promoted Hinnant to president. Before Fan took over, QTN had hit a hard stretch, laying off many employees and suspending some of its live signature shows for 10 days in February.

Hinnant conceded that those actions led to a lot of bad press in the gay media.

QTN came back Feb. 13 with four of its five trademark live shows, and it expects to have the fifth one back on the air by April 1, according to Hinnant.

The network will continue its emphasis on live programming -- like its newscasts, talk and variety shows -- but it will probably outsource some original programming rather than producing it in-house, she added.

QTN is offered by Time Warner Cable, RCN Corp. and Cox Communications Inc.