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TV Guide Channel Offers Viewers '$1K a Day'

Los AngelesTV Guide Channel will offer its viewers a chance to win $1,000 a day in a promotion beginning March 20.

A sweepstakes question will be included daily in the on-screen scroll. And, for the trivia-challenged, the answer will appear in the same scroll if the viewer will wait through one whole rotation of the channel guide. Viewers will then be directed to enter online at tvguidetrivia.com.

The “$1k-a-Day” sweepstakes will extend through April 18.

TVN Spreads 'Success' Via On-Demand Platform

Los AngelesTVN Entertainment Corp. will contribute encoding and distribution to support the National Cable & Telecommunications Association's advertising video, Cable: A Great American Success Story.

The six-minute video will be made available to TVN's affiliates, who can place it on local video-on-demand menus.

VH1 Invests $4M To Save Music Ed

New York — The VH1 Save the Music Foundation will provide $4 million worth of new musical instruments to restore 140 public-school music-education programs for the 2005-06 school year.

VH1 said the foundation will continue to work with cable affiliate partners including Adelphia Communications Corp., Bright House Networks, Charter Communications Inc., Comcast Corp., Cox Communications Inc. and Time Warner Cable to bring new instruments to 28 communities.

Since 1997, the VH1 Save the Music Foundation has provided more than $30 million worth of new musical instruments to over 1,200 schools in 80 communities.