QVC Rolls Out ‘Uncommercial’ Ad Campaign


QVC Inc. will launch a new multichannel ad campaign with what it terms “uncommericials”—spots that are made from outtakes, flubbed lines and other “spontaneous moments” from traditional commercial shoots.

“The ‘screen test’ nature of the commercials is unique in today’s overcrowded media world, because it is real; no prepackaged scripts, corporate-speak or overproduction,” said Jeff Charney, QVC's senior vice president and chief marketing officer. The campaign should highlight QVC's “authenticity and on-air spontaneity.”

For instance, one spot features Joan Rivers talking about being inspired by the workmanship of Faberge eggs, which she has copied in a line of decorative items under her own name. She muses that she would have romanced Faberge in another life. Another spot features Kodak employee and expert lensman David Copodicasa flubbing his lines time after time, after time.

In addition to the content of the ads themselves, the network will be innovative distributing the advertising. Instead of running one version of the commercial, multiple variations will be pieced together from hours of footage and will be placed nationwide.

Fifteen similar ads, featuring a variety of QVC hosts and guests, will be created over the next two quarters.