Qwest DSL Gains Fall Behind Peers


In sharp contrast to healthy digital-subscriber-line numbers posted by other
Baby Bells, struggling Qwest Communications International Inc. was only able to
gather a mere 17,000 new high-speed customers for the third quarter.

The Denver-based telco now has 525,000 DSL customers, including 500,000 in
its 14-state region and 25,000 outside of its territory. In the second quarter,
Qwest had 508,000 total DSL subscribers.

That compares to a record DSL quarter for SBC Communications Inc., which
added 226,000 new subscribers. Verizon Communications gathered 155,000 new DSL
customers, and BellSouth Corp. posted 121,000 new additions.

Overall, Qwest had yet another quarter in the red, posting a net loss of $214
million, or 13 cents per share, compared with a $142 million loss racked up in
the third quarter. Revenue also declined 13.2 percent to $3.8 billion versus
$4.37 billion gathered in the third quarter of 2001.