Qwest Wins $20M High-Speed Deal

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Denver -- Qwest Communications won a $20 million, five-year
contract last week from high-speed provider Centurion Telecommunications Corp.

In the deal, Qwest will provide Centurion with DS-3 lines
using native Internet protocol (IP) connections. DS-3 lines run at a speed of 45 megabits
per second.

The service, officials said, will augment Centurion's
recently launched wireless, high-speed, two-way Internet access service,
"FlashNetUSA." That system will combine Centurion's 2.4 gigahertz
spread-spectrum wireless technology with Qwest's high-speed IP network "to
create a high-capacity wireless communications network uniquely suited to carry
mission-critical data traffic for commercial, institutional and educational" groups,
officials said.

Centurion plans to cover more than 30 major U.S. markets
with the service by the end of next year, ultimately growing to a 120-city footprint.