Rabbi Says ‘Shalom’ to Cable Series


Shalom TV wants to provide its viewers with A Cable to Jewish Life.

The network said it will begin airing the half-hour weekly show, hosted by Rabbi Yosef Katzman and born out of the wisdom of Lubavitch Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Among topics the show has covered: the methods of preparation that result in Kosher foods; the story behind the shape of the Menorah; ingredients for a fulfilling and meaningful Yom Kippur; funding for American Yeshivas; the history of the annual Mitzvah Tanks parade through New York before Passover; the joy of Simcha Torah; Jewish activism; and the relationship between African Americans and the Lubavitch community.

“We are privileged to count Yosef Katzman among our first programming contacts, given the breath and depth of his program and audience," Shalom TV principal Bradford N. Hammer said in a prepared statement.

"Where else would one find an interview with an Orthodox State Supreme Court Justice, or discover the role of the public servant in Jewish life?” he added. “His series enjoyed great success on the International Channel, and we look forward to rekindling this interest and excitement on our emerging digital-cable-television network.”