Rabbit Season for Starz On Demand


Starz On Demand has pulled a rabbit out of its hat.

Starz Entertainment Group LLC said Wednesday that animated, 30-second versions of major motion pictures featuring animated bunnies have tallied more than 1.6 million viewings since they began airing April 1.

Created by animator Jennifer Shiman, the shorts “remake” well-known films like Jaws and The War of the Worlds. Horror films have been the most popular genre, led by Freddy vs. Jason (viewed 316,000 times in five months), Pulp Fiction (261,000) and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (227,000).

“The popularity of the bunny shorts on Starz On Demand is one of the clearest early indicators that on-demand is a very different medium than linear channels,” Starz Entertainment vice president of on-demand Bill Hoagland said in a prepared statement.

“With on-demand, it is possible to air programming of any length instead of trying to shoehorn everything into half-hour or hour slots, and it allows the viewer to sample programming that might be unavailable or overlooked on the linear channels,” he added.