Rabbits Hit NYC Streets Promoting Syfy's ‘Alice'


During the morning commute in New York City on Friday (Dec. 4), 50 White Rabbits will be on the hunt for Alice and the Hatter, to promote the Syfy movie Alice.
The White Rabbits will hand out Alice playing cards displaying their faces containing the text, "Have you seen this pair?" At 12:30 p.m., all 50 White Rabbits will converge on Union Square, where they hope to finally meet Alice and the Hatter -- and perform a choreographed "step" dance routine.
The four-hour movie, an RHI Entertainment adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, starts Sunday, Dec. 6, at 9 p.m.
Syfy developed the promotion with long-time agency partner, Fallon Minneapolis. On the Web the week before premiere, Twitter users were urged to "Follow the White Rabbit @WhiteRabbitinc" to receive updates throughout the week as the White Rabbit pursues Alice and the Hatter.

Starting Dec. 1, online banners that feature the White Rabbit will have caused mischief on popular websites -- such as USAToday.com (Dec. 4) and YouTube (Dec. 6) -- urging users to follow the White Rabbit by clicking on the ad unit.
This sends users through a trail of websites, each grounded in themes from Syfy's Alice re-imagination, like the Wonderland Tea Shop and the Happy Hearts Casino, before finally landing at the Alice show page on Syfy.com.

White Rabbit From Syfy's 'Alice'

Users can also access the site trail directly via this link.
Syfy.com also provides behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews with the cast, as well as Wonderland items from Alice's Jewelry Box, sponsored by Kay Jewelers.
To tap into pop music culture, the on-air, online and out-of-home campaign also features select radio stations, in 10 of the top markets, promoting songs inspired by the Alice story (such as Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit), with listeners voting for their favorite Alice-themed song of all time.