Rainbow to Scale Back MetroChannels


Rainbow Media Holdings Inc. significantly scaled back its ambitious
MetroChannels operations Wednesday by canceling several shows and laying off as
many as 38 employees.

Rainbow will cancel several of its originally produced shows, including
Unblinking Eye, focusing on New York entertainment, and Gameface,
an interactive sports show, regional-programming-division president Greg Moyer

Other entertainment-oriented shows, such as The Daily Beat and Out
of Bounds
, were also axed, while Subway Q&A, a daily show
featuring interviews with regular people traveling New York City subways, was
placed on hiatus.

MetroChannels will replace the canceled shows with documentaries from its
library, as well as episodes of New York Central, MetroTV's daily program
featuring New York entertainment, gossip, lifestyle and culture.

'It is unfortunate that we have to cancel good programs, and we thank our
employees for their dedication to the shows' development,' Moyer said in a
prepared statement.

'However, we are operating in an economic and consumer environment that
requires a more focused approach,' he added. 'MetroChannels is adjusting its
priorities to meet the new realities of programming for the New York