Rainbow Shifts RCTV Into AMC

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New York -- Rainbow Media Holdings Inc., the programming
arm of MSO Cablevision Systems Corp., shuffled some executive assignments last week and
added theatrical pay-per-view events to AMC Networks' portfolio.

Rainbow Advertising Sales Corp. (RASCO) president David
Kline gave up his additional title as president of Radio City Television (RCTV) to focus
more on new-media and digital-advertising opportunities, Cablevision said.

RCTV -- which develops and distributes PPV versions of
events like the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" -- now falls under the
auspices of AMC Networks president Kate McEnroe.

Kline had been president of RASCO and RCTV for nearly one
year, during which time he prepared the PPV premiere of the holiday-themed live stage show
from Radio City Music Hall.

Rainbow bought the management company that runs the theater
here last year, and it also owns the city's Madison Square Garden and its theater.

In a statement, Cablevision CEO James Dolan said
integrating RCTV into AMC Networks -- which includes American Movie Classics, Romance
Classics and AMC's American Pop! -- "allows us to mine AMC's exceptional programming,
distribution and branding expertise."

Meanwhile, Kline will move "aggressively to take
advantage of the significant new ad-revenue streams made possible by emerging
technology," such as the Internet and digital cable, Dolan added.

McEnroe hinted broadly at some ideas she has for what
Rainbow Media president Josh Sapan dubbed a "synergistic alliance" between AMC
and Radio City.

"It's time to think of television in different terms,
as a branded body of content across various platforms," she said.

Looking ahead to the advanced set-top-box rollouts late
this year and early next, she said she hoped to develop interactive elements between AMC,
Romance and Radio City -- possibly placing interactive kiosks at Cablevision-owned The Wiz
stores, for instance.

There will be marketing, production and programming tie-ins
among the various entities, she said.

AMC is currently shooting show wraparounds and
interstitials around Radio City, including "restoration moments." And the
network is producing a documentary on Radio City's history from 1933 through its present
renovation, she added

This fall, there will be a behind-the-scenes special about
the "Christmas Spectacular," and AMC is assembling a 24-hour "Great
Christmas Movies" marathon, she said.

Romance is also working on ideas linked to unspecified
upcoming concerts.

Singer Celine Dion will star in an Oct. 7 CBS primetime
special, which will be picked up later by one of AMC's networks -- a tactic that MTV
Networks' VH1 has used with music specials from broadcast networks.

RASCO's eight divisions -- ranging from Regional News
Representation and the New York Interconnect to News 12 Networks and Rainbow Interactive
-- posted a 40 percent revenue increase in two years with Kline as president.

Kline said those operations' sales rose 25 percent in 1998
alone -- a "substantial" gain -- and 1999 is off to a "terrific"