Rainbow Taps Primedia for Mag Rack


Rainbow Media Holdings Inc. will take advantage of its strategic partnership
with Primedia Inc. to develop magazine-branded programming for its Mag Rack

Rainbow will develop new Mag Rack video-on-demand programming based on
popular Primedia magazine titles such as American Baby,
Automobile, Hot Rod and Motor Trend, representatives from
both companies said.

It was unclear at press time when those branded services will be available
via Mag Rack, which currently offers 18 specialty categories ranging from
science, bird watching and wine to photography, weddings, space and vegetarian

Mag Rack is currently available on Cablevision Systems Corp.'s 'iO' digital
service, and it is being marketed to other distributors nationwide.

The deal builds on Rainbow's and Primedia's existing joint-venture
relationship, which resulted in the August launch of New York Web site newyorkmetro.com.

'As distributors begin to roll out their subscription-VOD and VOD
[video-on-demand] services, we believe that developing content with magazine
publishers like Primedia, which have deep experience serving passionate
audiences, would further enhance Mag Rack's strength with operators and its
resonance with viewers,' Mag Rack executive vice president and general manager
Matt Strauss said in a prepared statement.