Ramo to Helm Movie-Net Service

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Former DirecTV Inc. and Geocast Network Systems Inc. executive Jim Ramo was
named CEO of Movielink, the Internet video-on-demand subscription-delivery
service created by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures
Entertainment, Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

The studios announced the venture in August after watching the major music
labels get blindsided by the Napster Inc. file-sharing phenomenon.

There's already a small but sizable amount of Web movie piracy currently, and
the studios hope to avoid a Napster situation by offering hit and library movies
on the Web.

Ramo said Movielink aims to launch in the second half of the year.

Although it will initially be an Internet-protocol-based service, he added,
Movielink will talk with other distribution partners, including cable and

'This is a video-on-demand business, not exclusively an Internet business,'
he said.

Studios will make their own pricing and release-window decisions.

Movielink aims to reach the 10 million broadband households across the