RASCO Unit Adds 3 News Nets


Regional News Rep, the Rainbow Advertising Sales Corp. (RASCO) operation
dedicated to selling spot commercial time on regional news networks, has just
picked up three more such services for a total of 25.

The three are BayTV, which reaches 1.4 million cable homes in San Francisco;
Orange County News, reaching 575,000 subscribers in Orange County/Los Angeles,
Calif.; and 10 News 2, with 204,000 subscribers in Knoxville, Tenn.

BayTV and OCN were previously represented by National Cable Communications,
New York, while 10 News 2 had no previous national spot-rep firm, RASCO
officials said Wednesday.

RNR's 25 networks now reach more than 22.7 million cable households, up
nearly 2.2 million, according to RNR senior vice president Deborah