Raycom Blames AT&T U-verse for Week-Old Blackout

Station group says pay TV provider using disruption to manipulate subscribers

A week after its stations were blacked out on AT&T U-verse, Raycom Media Wednesday blasted the pay TV provider, alleging that DirecTV is using the interruption as a means of manipulating subscribers.

“AT&T U-Verse, now combined with DirecTV, appears to be using programming disruptions as an opportunity to switch AT&T U-Verse customers to its DirecTV service,” Raycom said in a statement. “When disgruntled AT&T U-Verse subscribers call to lodge a complaint, they are offered a subscription with DirecTV, the very same company as AT&T. In some instances, subscribers are also pushed to DirecTV Now, a service that in many markets does not carry any local broadcast affiliates.”

Representatives of AT&T U-verse, which dropped Raycom stations when the parties failed to reach a carriage deal, were not immediately available for comment.

In a statement issued after the blackout, however, AT&T took jabs at Raycom for causing the situation by holding out for more retransmission consent money.

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