RCN Goes All Digital In D.C.


RCN will convert its metro Washington system to all digital next month, part of its ongoing “Project Analog Crush,” the company said Monday.

RCN is reclaiming analog spectrum, moving to digital to picture quality and increase the number of standard definition and high definition channels it can offer to subscribers.

The company has already initiated Project Analog Crush in its Boston, Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia markets. The conversion will enable RCN to deliver up to 10 standard-definition digital or three HDTV channels per analog channel, with better picture quality, and use some of the reclaimed spectrum to support growing high-speed data services demand.

The new lineup will start with 75 HD channels and leapfrog the incumbent cable product. In addition, management is looking forward to expanding its international tier, video-on-demand library, and preparing for high-speed data expansion through DOCSIS 3.0 in the future.

RCN is increasing its VOD content, including hundreds of hours for free, as well as more subscription and pay on-demand programming to provide customers with even more choices available at the touch of a remote. Customers can also look forward to more flexible channel packages, so they can customize a package that’s right for them.