RCN Links Customers to Home Net


RCN Corp. is the latest cabler to hook up customers to a home-networking

The Princeton, N.J.-based competitive cable outfit launched a home-networking
package in Boston Monday. It will debut the service in Manhattan once network
upgrades boosting bandwidth from 750 megahertz to 860 MHz are complete

The home-networking package offers either WiFi wireless 802.11 connections or
in-home wiring to connect multiple computers. It includes professional
installation of a home-networking gateway, PC cards, additional in-home wiring
if needed and a security firewall.

Cost to the customer is a one-time installation fee based on the number of PCs connected, which ranges from $49.95 to $99.95 per computer. From there, the operator will charge $14.95 monthly for the service.

As with other cablers, including Cox Communications Inc., the home-networking
package is professionally installed, making it easier for customers to set up
their multi-PC homes.