RCN Pays Up in Chicago


RCN Corp. has paid up on its community-access-support obligations in Chicago
-- almost.

Cable administrator Joyce Gallagher said RCN sent a check to the city's
nonprofit access corporation, CAN-TV, for $660,319. That represents the past due
payment, plus interest through July, Gallagher said. The company still owes
$4,800 in interest through August, she added.

The overbuilder sought relief from its access obligations at the beginning of
the year, citing lack of financing. It has been granted a one-year grace period
on construction in two of its franchise areas.

Due to the payment, the city's aldermen tabled a resolution to fine the
operator $750 per franchise area, per day for each day the payment was

The grace period will cost CAN-TV $400,000 in support payments next year, but
executive director Barbara Popovic indicated that the organization will have
time to plan for that reduction because it got the amount it budgeted for this