RCN Rolls Out Budget Broadband Tier


RCN Corp. is going lower with the rollout of a new budget broadband-data
service in Queens, N.Y.

"Value Modem" service will offer a 256-kilobit-per-second downstream,
128-kbps upstream connection for $29.95 per month when purchased with RCN’s
cable and telephone bundle. Those who opt to take Value Modem solo will pay
$39.95. Customers can get an additional $5 monthly discount if they purchase
their modems.

The Princeton, N.J.- based competitive cabler backed by Paul Allen is aiming
to diversify its menu of broadband-data services, which already includes a
"MegaModem" service at 3 megabits per second up, 800 kbps down and the original
"High Speed Cable Modem" at 1.5 mbps up, 800 kbps downstream. It has plans to
roll out Value Modem in additional markets through the end of this year.

"This tiered approach to broadband provides customers with multiple options
when upgrading from their much slower dial-up connections," said Rick Rioboli,
vice president of product management and product development, in a