RCN Seeks Wiring Ruling


Washington -- RCN Corp. is seeking a Federal Communications
Commission ruling that would make it easier for the company to compete against Cablevision
Systems Corp. in Boston apartment houses.

RCN said it needs access to Cablevision's wiring that
extends from junction boxes to individual units because landlords won't let RCN bore
into walls and moldings to install its own coaxial plant over the same paths.

"Accordingly, the only feasible way to reach
individual units is to interconnect RCN's riser cable with Cablevision's ...
junction box. Cablevision, however, has declined to cooperate with RCN in making such
arrangements," RCN said in a Sept. 23 letter to FCC Cable Services Bureau chief
Deborah Lathen.

The FCC recently adopted new inside-wiring rules that are
favorable to cable competitors like RCN, but the company said it needs an FCC ruling to
ensure access to Cablevision's home-run wiring.

"We are following the law, and we are comfortable in
our position," Cablevision spokesman Charles Schueler said.