RCN Targets Hispanic Market


In a bid for more Hispanic subscribers, RCN enlisted the aid of New York-based ad agency OLE to market its themed video and telephone services.

RCN’s video service, MiVisiόn, includes 36 different Spanish-language channels, as well as video-on-demand.

The phone service, MiTeléfono, offers an international calling plan encompassing 23 Latin American countries, plus Spain and Puerto Rico, with rates as low as 4 cents per minute.

“We are making product and marketing investments in our Hispanic communities, and we need a best-in-class partner to help us maximize our investment and bring an optimal experience to these customers,” RCN vice president of marketing and product development Mark Chinn said in a prepared statement. “We are excited to partner with OLE given their strong strategic thinking, breakthrough creative and deep understanding of the market.”