RCN Wins OVS OK in D


Washington -- Residential Communications Network Corp. last
week won federal approval to be an open-video-system operator in Washington, D.C., and its
Virginia and Maryland suburbs.

RCN is a partner in a $300 million venture with a
subsidiary of the region's biggest utility, Potomac Electric Power Co. (PEPCO), to
provide consumers with voice, video and data services from a single source.

The Federal Communications Commission approved the OVS
application within 10 days. RCN and PEPCO will operate under the name Starpower
Communications LLC.

The FCC said in response to comments filed by Prince
George's County, Md., that an OVS-certification proceeding was not the venue to
address whether Starpower engaged in economic and racial redlining in the selection of
communities that it intends to serve.