Reality Returns to Bravo

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Pasadena, Calif. -- Bravo will air two new seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Top Chef and debut two new reality skeins.

Real Housewives will feature new and old participants, and Top Chef will move from San Francisco to Los Angeles for season two

The first new show, scheduled July 19, is sort of Blowout in a fitness salon. Instead of a Beverly Hills beauty parlor, Work Out takes place in a Beverly Hills spa run by "trainer to the stars" Jackie Warner. Part of the drama will deal with Warner's sexuality and how her mother tries to cope with Warner's decision to display her lesbian lifestyle on a cable reality show.

Writers at the Television Critics Association meeting here are already questioning the validity of the title of the other series debuting July 24. They noted that the series is called Tabloid Wars but it profiles the writers and editors of the New York Daily News and not its tabloid rival, the News Corp.-owned New York Post.

Producers said they didn't even approach the Post about the series, adding that "war" in the title refers to the competition for scoops.

In response to questions from writers, Bravo executives indicated that they were disappointed with The Washington Post's coverage of another network reality show. In a feature July 12 on the new season of Project Runway, a writer for the paper revealed the winner of the fashion challenge in the debut episode of season three that night. The network will protest the "spoiler" with a letter to the editor, they said.